Bungee Cord - out of the blue..

Today we decided to take our old whirlwind trampoline out of the garage and install it on the fields. While tidying up the bungee cords, I accidentally stroked one of them. The sound that came out of this piece of rubber in combination with metal bars was striking and compelling. A mission of bringing the toy back into use turned into a recording session.

This is my recorded sound - untreated. Used AKG C414XLII in cardioid mode, no bass roll-off filter or attenuation pad. Tracked into DAW via Neve 88RS preamp by Universal Audio Apollo.

A recorded sound was split into two pieces. One of the pieces was reversed and cross-faded with the other one. The beginning and ending of the result was cut and match to tempo (120bpm). Bit of Neve 88R EQ and quite heavy compression to subtle the peak and bring up the sound of a resonating cord, bit of Lexicon 224, half an hour in the oven.. it tastes better with some heavy spices.. (Interestingly, the sound seems to be much quieter comparing to the original but the output level is the same!) 

Here the sound was further processed using U-He Zebrify spicy filters..

I also applied granular synthesis to pitch, stretch and divide some fragments of the sound. This is how it sounds like in a context..